Why Buying a Used POS is a Terrible Idea

Never buy an old POS for your business

When it comes to electronics, buying second hand is often the best way to get the most impressive deals. However, if you wish to procure the best POS for your business, buying second hand is highly detrimental. We'll go over several reasons why you should never buy second hand POS systems in today's technologically-advanced age.

1. Old Technology

A second hand POS came to exist on the second hand market for a reason. Usually, by investing in a second hand POS, you're investing in old technology, which could lead to a terrible user experience. The best POS systems, these days, offer a heap of useful features that will help your business improve efficiency and make money - which is why older POS systems should be steered clear of. Worse still, a POS with old technology will not be built with your business in mind, resulting in performance that's sub-par, at best. Avoid old technology and enjoy the best POS experience possible.

2. Slower Performance

Your POS is the lifeline of your business, which means it needs to be snappy and rapid so you can spend less time fussing over slow technology and offer the greatest experience to customers. The best POS systems will ensure that you can spend less time managing your business' technology, and focus more on things like improving turnover, reducing errors and boosting revenue. If your POS is struggling to perform, your business will struggle, too.

3. Worse Security

The last thing any business wants is for their security to be compromized. Be it related to customer information, finances or just your ability to do business, security is extremely important. Again, the best POS systems will all come integrated with the latest and greatest security services, but buying second hand has no such guarantee. Even buying a newer system second hand might leave you exposed to viruses since you'll have no idea what the previous owner has done with that POS. It's not worth hinging your business on such a huge risk.

4. Payment Processing Nightmare

Let's face it, fewer and fewer people use cash these days. In fact, 73% of customers use less cash today compared to a decade ago. This means that new forms of payment technology exist that is slowly eroding the need for cash transactions. The fewer of these newer payment technologies your POS system has, the worse it'll be for business. The best POS practice would be to offer as many modern and relevant payment options to customers, so that your business doesn't miss out on a sale simply because it cannot accept payments from customers. 

5. Worse Hardware

We've already established that shoddy software can detract from providing you with the best POS experience possible. However, old hardware can be just as bad. A second hand POS system is likely to suffer from several flaws or be completely outdated, which was why it was sold into the second hand market in the first place. Investing in obsolete hardware is not only a risky idea, but could leave your POS useless in a short time span. Older hardware parts are hard to come by and maintaining your second hand POS could become quite the chore. Again, for the best POS experience, it's always recommended to buy a new system so that your business won't suffer as a result.