Worst Food Trends of 2017

The food trends we wished died horrible deaths instead of flourishing in 2017

Since it’s the start of the year, we thought we’d compile a cheery list of food trends we wished were dead. Maybe we should have picked a slightly more upbeat topic, but we’re sticking to our guns here. The below list appears in no particular order as our hatred is reserved equally for the following trends. 

1. Charcoal in Food

Who on earth thought turning the goth and emo scene into edible food was a good idea? Not only does activated charcoal turn the natural color of all appealing foods black, it also leaves a black residue coating your teeth for a brief period of time. While the ‘cool’ factor might apply for a while, we feel that activated charcoal is more a trend that was created for Instagram than for a heightened culinary experience. 

2. The Many Alternative Forms of Sushi

Why are we incapable of leaving a good thing as it is? Much the same as with pineapples on pizza (yes, we went there) turning sushi into burritos, burgers and pizza is strange. Most of the time, it’s just a rearranging of the same ingredients into different shapes. Sushi isn’t Play Dough, enjoy it as it was meant to be.

3. Unicorn-themed Everything

Just why? Obnoxiously multicolored and sweet, this trend came about mainly (again) to satisfy people on Instagram. Slap the right filters on any rainbow item and you’ll be the talk of the town. We just hope the hype dies soon because adding that much artificial coloring to anything just seems like a terrible idea. 

4. Massive Cocktails

Not only are these huge drinks impossible to order in a group because of individual tastes, but you just know that that one friend of yours is going to drink waaaay too much waaaay too quickly and wreck the night. Plus, it’s inconvenient and awkward trying to get a turn in to sip on your massively awkward drink. 

5. Burger Buns that Aren’t Buns

What’s wrong with a traditional burger? The trend of replacing burger buns other things is ridiculous. Holding a burger bun made of fried chicken with grease and sauce dripping everywhere is unappealing, at best, and holding a burger bun made of avocado is just basically like holding a really inconvenient salad.