Eats365's Impact on the 2019 Taiwan International Food Industry Show

What were the major trends at this year's 2019 Taiwan Food Expo?

Each year, Eats365 visits the Taiwan International Food Industry Show with the intention of offering Taiwanese F&B business owners the most advantageous POS solutions on the market. This year, Eats365 focused heavily on the themes of scalability - a POS solution's ability to support businesses as they grow and expand - and flexible modules. Having looked at the Taiwanese restaurant industry, we found that these features are what F&B business owners crave the most. 

Beginning with scalability, this is a huge omission in many of the Taiwanese POS systems currently available on the market. The issue with systems not being scalable is that they actually hinder growth rather than promote it. As a business grows and gains greater success, that hard work should be supported by a POS that can handle multi-shop or even multi-region operations. A common complaint that market experts and veterans cite is that Taiwan's most commonly-used POS systems are mainly suitable only for single-shop businesses. 

With this market gap in mind, one of the things that Eats365 made sure to showcase during the expo was their enterprise solutions; which allows any business to expand to the next level in terms of growth. One of the advantages of a scalable system is that, thanks to cloud technology, the data of all a business' shops can be viewed from one convenient dashboard. This means that everything from staff performance to CRM to sales figures are all placed neatly into an easily-digestible format for business owners to keep track of. Eats365's system is also available in multiple languages and works with multiple currencies, so business owners from all around the world can have a localized experience with global growth scope. 

The other feature that seemed to be lacking in Taiwan's restaurant industry was flexibility under one single system. By this, it is meant that most POS solutions do one thing, and one thing only. A system that is able to tackle all of a restaurant business' needs is currently lacking without having to incorporate separate systems to complete separate tasks. 

With this particular issue in mind, Eats365 has developed a multitude of useful modules that all operate under one easy-to-use system. Again, cloud technology plays a big role as all the modules share relevant information with one another and eliminate pointless steps in-between. For example. Taking a tableside order on an mPOS device will automatically allow waiters to fire order to the kitchen instead of forcing them to punch in the order a second time on a POS. That same order will be automatically recorded by the restaurant's central POS and can even be verified by senior members of staff for additional security. This type of efficiency is available across the board. Currently, Eats365 offers the following modules: POS, mPOS, PhotoMenu, Kitchen Display System, Queue Ticket Kiosk, User App, eSignage, Expedite Display, Customer-Facing Display, Self-Service Kiosk and Enterprise features. 

With the Eats365 team prepped to help Taiwanese F&B owners at this year's expo, it is little wonder that there was plenty of buzz and excitement around the Eats365 booth.