Eats365 Integrates With Foodpanda to Provide Automated Delivery Experience

Just in time for the fourth wave of restaurant restrictions, Eats365 has teamed up with Foodpanda

Just in Time for Hong Kong's 4th Wave of Restaurant Restrictions

Eats365's integration with Foodpanda has arrived right on time. As of December 10th, the Hong Kong government announced that in response to the 4th wave of Coronavirus cases, new F&B measures were being put in place. The measures, set to last from December 10th - 24th, include the following: 

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Hong Kong December 10th Restaurant Restrictions

1. Hong Kong eateries' dine-in services are to cease from 6pm-4:59am

2. Bars and pubs are not allowed to operate until the 24th of December

3. Restaurants will only be able to seat two people per table (down from four)

4. Restaurants must not exceed 50% capacity  

5. Body temperature checks and hand sanitiser must be offered to guests upon arrival

6. Customers must also wear masks before meals, after meals, and when picking up orders 

Given that restaurants must now operate under conditions that are not optimal, integrating with large delivery companies like Foodpanda can provide your business with the edge it needs to stay competitive and keep income flowing as more customers dine from home. 

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How Does it Work? - Automating the Ordering Process

The Eats365 POS now accepts orders placed for your restaurant directly from Foodpanda. Merchants using POS systems without Foodpanda integration receive an additional Android device from Foodpanda, where they must monitor incoming orders and manually punch them into their POS systems. However, with the integration, these orders come in directly on the Eats365 POS and can be sent straight to the kitchen. This means that if your restaurant is registered with Foodpanda, you do not need to use Foodpanda's supplementary Android device to track incoming orders, their prices and more. You can simultaneously manage customers that physically visit your restaurant and customers who order digitally through Foodpanda under one system. 

Can Integration With Foodpanda Benefit Your Business?

All signs point towards a positive business impact when offering delivery/pickup to customers - especially given the effects of COVID-19 on the F&B industry. For example, Morgan Stanley has reported that “we see total online food delivery—through online delivery platforms and restaurant self-delivery—of $45 billion in 2020, vs. our prior estimate of $41 billion in 2021.” This figure shows that the conditions brought about by the global pandemic has created a business environment whereby the food delivery industry has grown far quicker than initial estimates. 

We can also see in Hong Kong that delivery companies like Deliveroo and Foodpanda have recorded growth rates (as far back as February, 2020) of up to 60%. This shows a clear demand for delivery services, which indicates that offering food delivery to Hong Kong citizens through popular services like Foodpanda can definitely have a positive impact on restaurant business and increase revenue. 

Benefits of Running Your Business Under One System

Eats365 enables restaurants to operate multiple important facets of their business through a single, easy-to-use system. By using the POS in conjunction with other Eats365 modules and services, a few of the benefits your business might see include:

Hiring less staff for redundant tasks that the system manages itself

Greater efficiency as the system handles tricky tasks like accounting

Less errors as all modules and integrations communicate seamlessly together

Less staff training since only one user interface needs to be learned

Accounts all tallied in one place for easy balancing of books

Cloud technology enables access of all your business information anytime, anywhere

Better staff communication and sharing of data throughout your business

Integrate with the services and modules that are right for you - create a custom solution with features you care about